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Growing up, I never really knew I was Native American. I was raised as a Christian. As long as I can remember, I have always been gifted with making different items. I would paint ceramics, crochet, make soaps, candles, floral arrangements, and do wood working.

In the 1980's there weren't any instructions on how to make dream catchers in South Carolina.  My friend, Gale ("Ma Ruby"), who lived in Texas would make and sell beautiful dream catchers and other Native American crafts. I asked her if she would show me how to make a dream catcher. She told me she would when I came to visit. Two weeks after our conversation, my friend went into the hospital. She passed away 10 days later of cancer. I never got the chance to learn from her how to make a dream catcher.

Gale’s family gave me all of her Native craft supplies. I had no idea what I was going to do with all of her leather, beads, and feathers.  A month later, I sat in the middle of my living room floor with all of my friend's crafting supplies, and I began to make a perfect dream catcher. I was shocked when I saw the finished piece.

It is in her honor that I make Native crafts. She never had the opportunity to show me in person how to make a dream catcher but in spirit, she kept her promise. Through her promise a new world opened up to me. I searched my history and in 1995, I was accepted into The Waccamaw Indian People of South Carolina tribe.  I made my Native crafts and took them before the Council to be judged. I was then granted a Certificate of Compliance which gave me the honor of selling my crafts as “American Indian Produced”.  In May 2009, I received another Certificate as a “Native American Artist”. 

All of my crafts are created by Spirit and inspiration.  They do not represent my tribe, The Waccamaw Indian People of South Carolina.  I find my peace when I am crafting and Spirit speaks to me. I enjoy making whimsical, fantasy, fun, southwestern, contemporary, and traditional art. 

If you are looking to buy Native American made arts and crafts in South Texas, you can visit my Etsy shop  or my Webstore, or you can stop by my booth inside:

Full Circle Village
1909 N St. Mary's
Beeville, Tx. 78102
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 Or my location inside:

The Computer Center
259 Bronco Lane
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